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What Are The Other Risks for Children With Their Cell Phones?
We as parents know that our kids want phones and beg us for them every minute of the day until we give in. Beside WIFI radiation, what are the other risks that we need to talk them about BEFORE you hand them that phone. Let’s talk about some risks and Guidelines:
Risks for young ones and teens:
• Cyberbullies – goes both ways- being the cyberbully
• Predators – sex offenders
• Obesity – fewer outside activities
• Body Photos – Sexual
• Threatening texts or emails- possibly criminal and used against them

What Are Some Guidelines:
➢ Experts suggest no screens for at least one hour before bedtime, so consider having your child turn in their phone in the evening. Remove your child’s phone from their room at night so the temptation of a late night “hello” or, worse, with friends, is not there.
➢ Create a distraction free during homework time.
➢ Have a phone free dinner night.
➢ Make sure you have all passwords.
➢ Let them know that you hold them accountable so there are no surprises.
➢ Explain to your children the risks and dangers of others that want to be your “friend”.
➢ Check your phone bill and make sure there are not phone numbers on there that you don’t know, ask your child who they are.
➢ Promote open communication and trust with your child.

Share what risks and guidelines you put on your children. Also, check out for more information on cell phone radiation.

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