Frequently Asked Questions2018-08-14T14:12:16+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?2018-08-03T14:02:38+00:00

The technology is called Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication (EQCC) Technology. This is a cellular level communication from a precise frequency emitted from the Microchip. Proven to be effective by the 3rd party reports in the “Clinically Proven” section on the web page.

How do I know it’s working?2018-06-13T14:56:23+00:00

Each microchip is activated and ready for installation from the time it leaves the factory. You can rest assured it’s working and effective provided it has not been bent or twisted in a way to corrupt the layers of minerals and composites that create the frequency communication.

How long is it good for?2018-06-20T03:06:05+00:00

The Microchip will last for as long as the device it is attached to lasts, given the Microchip does not get damaged. If the corners rise off the device or it cracks from a drop, it should be replaced. Do not move from one device to another, it is likely to be destroyed by the moving process.

Does the microchip block or shield the radiation or the signal?2018-06-13T14:56:57+00:00

The microchip is neither a shield nor a blocker. Products that try to block the radiation can actually cause the phone to work harder and generate more radiation.

How do I install?2018-06-28T19:21:26+00:00

The microchip has a very effective adhesive that gets stronger over time. Peel the yellow backer paper off the microchip and attach directly to your device or it’s cover wherever you like. The device works by communicating with your body. It’s simply protecting your body from the low-level radiation being emitted by your device.

Can I place the Microchip on my phone case instead of the phone itself? 2018-07-10T17:56:12+00:00

Yes, it protects you both ways.

How big is the Microchip?2018-05-16T12:55:40+00:00

The e-Armour chip is roughly one-inch square.

What differences are there in the microchips?2018-07-10T17:56:46+00:00

The only difference is the design. They all work the same to protect your family.

Does it work with Bluetooth?2018-05-16T12:56:28+00:00

Yes, Bluetooth is an extension of your cell or wifi device. If the microchip is within four feet of your body, it is working to protect you.

Does it work with a router?2018-06-20T03:06:54+00:00

Yes, it does. A typical router has a negative EMF radiation impact on your body within 10 feet of it. You should have the Microchip on your router. However, the Microchip works with and for your body, not the router specifically. The Microchip has a radius of just over 4 feet where it is protecting your body. If you have no Microchip within 4.5’ of you, and the router is 5.5 feet to 10 feet away, you are at some risk. If anyone is sleeping in a room near a router they should attach a microchip to the lamp or nightstand for protection. Or, keep a Microchipped phone on the nightstand so the body is always within 4.5 feet of a Microchip. This is especially important for children and adults under the age of 26.

The e-Armour™ microchip technology emits radiation protection frequencies that significantly mitigate the impact of radiation on the body and its blood cells. This allows the body to function in a natural state when exposed to microwave and cell phone radiation.

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