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We all will use our cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras and other WIFI devices which exposes us to EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation. This is often not covered by the media, but there is a link between high amounts of EMF radiation exposure and negative psychiatric symptoms in both humans and animals.

A study from 1997 of over 500 adults living near high-voltage transmission lines found that higher doses of EMFs were directly correlated with mental distress, regardless of the beliefs of the participants. Think of how 5G will affect you now.

Another study of more than 100,000 workers in the electric industry found to have more depressive symptoms in the workers who were consistently exposed to higher EMF exposure. It was also found that younger workers with recent exposure, were more suicidal than the rest. How scary is that!

These studies and more show that increased exposure to EMFs may be harmful to our health. And as you know we find ourselves overexposed to radiation emitted from all the different devices we are using daily, plus public areas and the dangerous 5G effects. So, what can we do to protect ourselves?
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