e-Armour™ Square Microchip


The e-Armour microchip protects the human body from the harmful effects of cell phone and wifi radiation emitted from all wireless devices.

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• Reduces EMF radiation exposure.
• Certified laboratories tested and proven.
• Lightweight
• Contemporary design

e-Armour™ Square Microchip contains
• 1-4 Protective Device Shield (quantity as selected for purchase)
• 1 Instruction Booklet

The applied Cel-Factor™ technology keeps the head (body) tissue temperature cooler and the blood (red blood corpuscles) in a normal state, versus a radiation reactive state as seen in the attached Jasper Clinic report.

eArmour™ was specifically developed by Cel_Factor™ to apply EQCCT (Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology) to cellphones, and other EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) radiation emitting devices, to provide the human body with the tool to defend itself from the negative effects of radiation.

The Cel-Factor™ is a technical device comprised of a combination of specifically designed inks, and complex polymer molecules assembled in an extremely thin device. When these molecules and inks are assembled there is a “natural” interaction which occurs between them and continues until they are no longer assembled.

This interaction, not only continually powers the CeL-Factor™ device, but when activated at assemblage, the device emits a “Natural Communication Signal” by frequency which vibrates liquids. And, because the body is made up of mostly water (78%, and the cells are near 90%), this communication helps the body remain in its natural resonance, when it is exposed to negative frequencies or radiation (ie: microwaves, cellphones, pads, and laptops, or any WiFi device.)

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