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e-Armour is critical in protecting the extremely vulnerable young bodies from the harmful health effects of cell phone, and other EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) Radiation emitting devices, by offering Cel-Factor™ technology.

Purchase a Family Pack (4 Microchip Pack) for $69.95 & GET ONE CHIP FREE

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• Reduces EMF radiation exposure.
• Certified laboratories tested and proven.
• Lightweight
• Contemporary design

e-Armour Family Package contains
• 4 Protective Device Shields
• 1 Instruction Booklet

The applied Cel-Factor™ technology keeps the head (body) tissue temperature cooler and the blood (red blood corpuscles) in a normal state, versus a radiation reactive state as seen in the attached Jasper Clinic report.

eArmour™ was specifically developed by Cel_Factor™ to apply EQCCT (Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology) to cellphones, and other EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation emitting devices, to provide the human body with the tool to defend itself from the negative effects of radiation.

The Cel-Factor™ is a technical device comprised of a combination of specifically designed inks, and complex polymer molecules assembled in an extremely thin device. When these molecules and inks are assembled there is a “natural” interaction which occurs between them and continues until they are no longer assembled.

This interaction, not only continually powers the CeL-Factor™ device, but when activated at assemblage, the device emits a “Natural Communication Signal” by frequency which vibrates liquids. And, because the body is made up of mostly water (78%, and the cells are near 90%), this communication helps the body remains in its natural resonance, when it is exposed to negative frequencies or radiation (ie: microwaves, cellphones, pads, and laptops, or any WiFi device.)

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