Radiation Protection Devices

Be aware that most products for sale that claim to block or shield wifi radiation from your phone actually makes your phone work harder and emit higher radiation levels. While using a cellphone, the head’s tissues heat up and blood cells become stressed.

This chip is not a blocker or a wifi radiation shield. Embedded into e-Armour™ is a new, breakthrough technology called Energetic Quanta Cymatic Communication Technology (EQCCT). This lab proven microchip technology emits frequencies that significantly mitigate the impact of radiation on the body and its blood cells, allowing the body to function in a natural state when exposed to radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices.

Children appear to be much more susceptible to the effects of radiation – especially regarding extending exposure for more than 1 1/2 hours per day over time with any wifi device.

There are other things you can do to protect yourself and your children from cell phone radiation:

Use airplane mode as often as possible, do not sleep with your phone near you, use the speaker to talk instead of putting the phone to your head, and reduce cell phone use when the signal is weak.

Learn more about wifi radiation on our website at e-Armourprotects.com.